Invert Normal to Height

Hi, I am new in Unreal and I try to figure out how some things are working.
I would like to invert my normal map to height or to grey scale. Is there any node or any way to do it?
Thank you!

You can use a black and white texture as a height map, so just take the most likely looking channel from the normal :slight_smile:

Thank you for your response, But It does not help!
I know what is a height map, I was wondering if there was any node like in Substance Designer.

Explain what you are trying to do, we can give you more adequate answers.

what you are asking sort of makes no sense because in a material there is no such thing as a “Node” (though i suppose you can refer to functions as nodes).
You have functions, you have parameters, textures and pins.

If you need to invert a texure you usually use a 1-x function.

There is no such thing as ‘‘Node’’???

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“Each type of Nodes performs a unique function” - “Though I suppose you can refer to function as nodes”.

Regardless I fail to see how any of that addresses the question of what it is that you are trying to do.

I want to invert my normal textures to grey values.
Is there any way to do it?

I have created a couple of objects that they have colour, AO, Roughness, Metallic and normal map.
But they still look a little bit edgy, so I would like to increase the tessellation and add displacement.
But for displacement, I need a height map, so I would like to try to invert my normal to greyscale and use it as height.

Ok, here is why we are confused / your question doesn’t make much sense to us.

A normal is not black and white. it uses 3 channels.
R is the X
G is the Y
B is the Z
Each channel is black and white, and contains information about that coordinate in a 3D world.

Composing them together you get the blue shaded image that you/everyone is probably more familiar with.

As such.
IF you wanted to get the Height information, all you have to do is drag out the B pin.
If you want to get the Opposite or Inverse of that pin, you use the 1-x function on it. One Minus - meaning you start with a value of 1 (across all the UV) and you subtract the values of the channel from it. Effectively giving you the opposite result.

Now, is that what you need, or can you re-formulate the question in some other way?
EI: What are you using this texture for?

It seems that it works, Thank you.
I am using a couple of different software, in Substance Designer,

there is a specific node that transforms normal to height.
Anyway, Thank you again!