Invert Middle Mouse Pan NEVER saves


this is becoming a growing and unmanageable frustration for me. I am sure most of you, who have worked with pretty much any software which interacts with 3D space other than UE4, have found out that when using Maya style navigation (Alt+mouse buttons) the pan operation is actually inverted by default for some weird reason. The insult to injury is that the option to disable inversion is actually called “Invert Middle Mouse Pan” implying that it is not inverted by default and actually becomes inverted after checking the button.

Regardless, my problem is that no matter how many times i tick this checkbox and thoroughly click the hell out of the “Set as default” button, this setting never, ever saves as default and lasts only until I close and re-open the editor. How do I make it stick forever?

Thanks in advance.

No one? Really? Is it impossible to save viewport navigation settings in UE4? O_o

It seems like the editor preferences are saved per project so you would need to set it and save it in all projects you’re using.

That doesn’t make much sense honestly. What is the “Save as default” button for then? I mean, it would be completely insane to make editor defaults project dependent, especially when it comes something like viewport navigation.

Using same logic, does this mean if I reassigned my editor hotkeys and saved them, they would be only saved for current project? I can not imagine the horrors of having to reassign all my hotkeys for every new project.

Or, equally as scary proposition of opening someone elses’s project and my Editor instantly adopting his customized hotkey map and navigation scheme… That would be truly crazy…

I was googling this before, I found a rather extensive answer I think on answerhub that involved manually editing (copying and pasting text) from some preference file for unreal’s default project setup. So that any new project started will have the inverted pan (and whatever else you what).

Thanks, I guess that is the way… But I am still quite confused about this. Such a popular piece of software as Unreal Engine should have something as basic as saving of user preferences sorted out a long time ago…

Someone also else mentioned there is an export/import function for preferences, but I never tried it myself.

As for things that never got finished/fixed with unreal. I guess unreal has it’s reasons. For example the vehicle project template that comes with the starter pack; adjusting the vehicles power/torque curve doesn’t actually work. And that bug report has existed since 2014 or 2015.

That’s unfortunate. Thanks for taking your time to answer me anyway. It’s always better to at least get “it’s not currently possible” answer, than a complete silence.


so I am further confused by weirdness of Unreal Engine. Some Editor Preferences like Keyboard Shortcuts are persistent between projects while others, like invert middle mouse pan are not. And there is absolutely no indication of which settings are project-wide, and which settings are global. I also struggle to understand the logic behind Keyboard Shortcuts setting sticking in between the projects while Invert Middle Mouse Pan doesn’t.

I just can’t wrap my head around this, this doesn’t make any sense at all…

Also, could please someone explain to me the point of “Set as default…” button? I mean if I clicking this button does not save settings to be global, and applied for every new project, then only other meaning would be saving as default for just current project, but that doesn’t make any sense either, as these settings are always project-wide in the first place. This is another thing that just doesn’t make any sense…

Thanks in advance.

Yo! I’m from the future. Few days away from 2020, I still have to change that “inverted pan” setting per project! The struggle is real!

Me too… same weird issue !!

It’s now the end of 2021 and I’m still having to change inverted pan per project and set as default does nothing. Curious if anyone could test this in UE5 at this point, and we can just rage quit 4.

Hello there !

I confirm you that this particular setting is reset on each new project. Really annoying, i agree with you.
The only way to keep it checked to have “Invert Middle Mouse Pan” all the time is by manually modifying a file in the engine installation folders.

Here is the process:

  • Go to your engine installation folders and find the config folder. By default it should be in “C:\Program Files\Epic Games\YourEngineVersion\Engine\Config”
  • Once in there, find the file named “BaseEditorPerProjectUserSettings.ini” and open it with a text editor
  • In the text editor with the file opened, Press Ctrl + F to open the search tool.
  • Type “InvertMiddleMousePan” and press “Next” to find the line bInvertMiddleMousePan=False
  • Modify the value of the variable from False to True (Warning: it’s case sensitive, “True” must be written with uppercase “T”).
  • Save & close the text editor.

Now you should always have “Invert Middle Mouse Pan” checked in the Editor Preferences for newly created projects.
Note that this is version dependant, so if you’re using multiple versions of Unreal Engine (4.26, 4.27, 5.0…) you’ll have to redo this process for each version.

Cheers :beers:


Can you show Mac workflow for this? My invert middle mouse is checked still not working. Thanks!