Invert gravity for single pawn

Hey guys,

I’ve been using a side-scroller template to create a game where you have two pawns on opposite axis.

I’ve got a possess blueprint that allows me to switch between the two, but I can’t seem to get the second pawn to be attached to the ceiling. I want the pawn to act exactly the same as the first one. Walk left and right along the surface and jump, except all just done upside down. I hope i’m making sense.

I’ve tried changing the pawns gravity to -1, but it means that it can’t jump, so that doesn’t work. Not sure what else to do, so help will be greatly appreciated. What do you guys think?



anybody? :frowning:

Hmm, what kind of logic is in your jump? You may be able to invert that too, or just apply an impulse.

The logic? Well, I just want to simulate the exact same movement mechanics as the pawn which is right side up, except the other pawn is upside down, so the jump would be like you are watching someone jump on the ground when you are upside down. Would an impulse work on a controlled pawn? surely that will only work if physics is simulated and that would take away my control of the pawn?

You’ll probably have to use a custom jump rather than the built in jump, personally if I were you I’d edit the engine C++ for the character to set the jump’s direction based on the gravity scale.

Thanks jamendxman3, I think that would have been a good option, but I managed to fix it fairly simply by just adding a launch character function and making the launch velocity -1000. This seems to be working the way I wanted it to.