Invert an exec?

Quick question!

I need to trigger an event when an ‘on see pawn trigger’ turns off, so what I need to do is find a way to invert the exec so when it is off, it turns on, and vice versa. Is there a node that does that? I tried searching a few things and came up with nothing.

I sure this is a simple, quick solution, I appreciate any help!

~Steven Walther Media

A branch with a condition in the event tick is the only idea i have

I’m not sure if I understand correctly, would a flipflop node or a [gate node](
b/FlowControl/index.html#gate) work for you?

I was able to get it working. What I did was simply attach the exec to a retriggerable delay, and have the time at .2 seconds. When the exec was active, it would simply refresh the delay every tick, but as soon as it turned off, the delay would fire.

Hope that helps anyone else who has this problem!