Hello Everyone!

So I’ve been Using and learning UE4 for about a year now, and still have a long ways to go. I am looking to tackle one little thing at a time, and would like to get right into it, and try to make an inventory system, more so a loot system. Is there by any chance anyone who would be interested in helping me do this? The thing is, I would want to do this for free, and while I am far from experienced, and I am mostly an artist, I have no problems with trying out new and different things.

I have made some progress with how I’d like the inventory system to look and operate. I’m not sure how to go about sharing my work and how everyone else can do it, I’d assume once anyone is interested, we’d discuss it from there, but please, PLEASE respond to this post, and I will get started! Thank you!

Hello, im making an RPG game and i noticed that there is an Project from UE4 shop that have inventory, im holding it to enter and discover what it have and them use on my project some ideas, but i didnt started yet…

Also there is an project by HowToCompute that has an simple inventory like Minecraft style…check out… i cant past the link here.

Hello TomDarvious

Thanks for the tip. I did check out that project, but I didn’t actually want a drag and drop style inventory. I actually have had an idea for an inventory system but I’m only putting it on paper; haven’t implemented it yet, an dI want to get some feedback on whether or not it would work.

The photo I have is a test run. Basically, by pressing the button, The elements inside the array variable of the character “Enemy” should print on the screen, but nothing happens. No error either. I know I am supposed to set the members of the struct at some point. Also, I get a "Variable is not in scope when I highlight the get node, so I am getting the feeling something is a miss.