Inventory UI With UMG - HELP ME PLEASE!!!

Hey Everyone!!!
I have been trying for months to get the free learning project “inventory UI with UMG” working with my other project i have. i want to keep my original HUD (has the derivable ships info like how many knots you are traveling, damage, ect.), and Player controller (my player controller activates the use of a derivable ship, cannons,harpoo,ect) all while simply adding the inventory system to it. i have switched over everything i could find that referenced the old character to the main character and still will not work. for instance, if i am using the controller that enables you to drive the ship, i can not pickup the base item to put in into my inventory, even tho the inventory is showing. but if i switch the hud and controller to the “Inventory UI with UMG” ones, i am not able to use the ship/cannons at all. please help, i am so stuck and this is really holding me back from moving forward with my project! much appreciated!!!

Please show some blueprint screens of one example thing that is not working. let’s focus on that and maybe the solution will apply to the other malfunctioning parts.