Inventory systems.

Greetings. I had been creating inventory system, when I asked the question - which inventory system is better.
I’ve Googled it and found some methods.

First - it’s method in Shooter Tutorial(Complete Skyrim like inventory Tutorial | Shooter Tutorial). In this tutorial pickup has special object variable containing all data of first pickup. At interaction pickup actor was destroyed and variable was stored into MainChar array.

Second didn’t destroy actor, but make invisible, no collision, non-interactable and without physics. And put variable of this actor into MainChar array.

The question is Which method is better. Or give me better solution.

Personally, for my uses, I’ve found that having a pickup object that is destroyed is an appropriate solution. This way, you don’t leave behind any “ghost” actors that don’t do anything and can’t be seen. However, that’s all for the sake of keeping it neat. A ghost actor like that isn’t really going to impact the game in any way.

Both of these methods are perfectly valid and will work quite well. It’s entirely up to you which one you choose to do, and which you’d prefer implementing. If you think you can do the second option faster than the first, go for that one. If there’s something about your inventory system that makes the first option preferable, do that instead. There’s really not a wrong answer here.

There’s no direct answer to that. What I mean is, every case is special. It depends on the actual project you are making.