Inventory System

I am making a first person point and click game and in some parts I am using a component to open a Widget like this one>>>>

Note: I made the button on the items inside the safe invisible, but there is a button there.

What I want to do is straight forward and simple, but for some reason I cannot find a tutorial or a way to do it. All I want is to click on that valve in the picture to add it to my inventory, and then when I am at this widget>>>

I want to be able to place that valve on that door… why isn’t there any tutorial about that? I have played games like that, so why can’t I just do that?

In short: I want to pick up an item by pressing a button in a Widget, then I use that Item on another Widget.

Hope you can help.


Youtube is littered with tutorials about this

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Not like the one I am trying to do. The ones online are either an event overlap, or pressing a button on an object. I am working with Widgets. I want to do those functions in Widgets. I followed one of those tutorials, managed to create the inventory system and have inventory slots, but I wish to add items after clicking a button on a Widget.

This is my game. As you remember I am using a sphere with 360 images. On interaction with specific locations, a Widget opens.