Inventory System

I have been looking for a video tutorial on making an Inventory System using components for my project. The issue I have is that I have been taken for a lot of money. Or the support and help don’t exist anymore.

I had to restart my project over 17 times. Well, that’s too many times. Does anyone know of a video series for an inventory system that uses components and where I can get help adding in my assets to use the inventory system? iceman11a#1344 discord.

Have you seen this project?

It’s free, and has a good inventory system, which I seem to recall, is based on a component.

Have you heard about AGR PRO?
It is a free plugin with all sorts of components, including an inventory system.
I haven’t tried their inventory system out, so I can’t verify how it works. It might be worth looking into. I suggest you make a new project to test it first.

I tried this one all ready. I would have to make a lot of changes to get it to work the way I wanted to. and there’s no help for this or would take a long time.

The AGR Pro Inventory is all so dead. I’m on the discord and the server is all so dead, I need to find a video series that I can understand and make 1 from scratch.