Inventory System Problem

Guys can anyone help me?
Here is the problem.

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I rush to reply… Here is the updated problem of mine


Here’s the problem. I have 2 widgets, one for my quick slots(that is not of this thread) and another one which I have my inventory system. On my 3rd person char blueprint I have made the blueprints in the below photos.
My problem is that I don’t know how to go about this: When I press “I” inventory opens and stays to the widget I have created, when I press again “I” widget gets removed.
Till now I got only to work the first part. When I press “I” inventory shows up, but when I press again, it doesn’t go away
Btw IPressed boolean variable has it’s default at false

So here we go:

(Sorry, forgot to remove Ipressed(set) when it’s false)

Technically I think that I need to check “If we are in the state of EnteredInventory=true and “I” pressed, go to Left Inventory, If we are in the state of EnteredInventory=true and “I” is NOT pressed, stay at EnteredInventory”…

use a flipflop node for calling the functions at the same time you call your paused bool. So get rid of press “I” in your (Left Inventory) Function with setting the paused bool, then add a flipflop node to when “I” pressed show Inventory before it calls the functions. Now drags paused bools and attach one to each flip and flop, on flip set true and connect (Entered Inventory) Function, then on flop set paused bool to false and connect (Left Inventory) Function and that should fix it. If not its because you need to Create Widget and Promote to Variable in Character Event begin Play, then in Functions just set Hud Inventory to viewport in (Entered Inventory) function; the (Left Inventory) Function looks fine. Hope you can read my chiken scratch if not I will post image of what I’m meaning :slight_smile:

Thanks man! It worked like a charm! Now I have run into another problem :smiley: I want when I press “I” and inventory shows up, to lock the player so he doesn’t move nor rotate. For this I have made a disable input node but after it’s called, it won’t flip flop when I press again “I” as it doesn’t recognize it :confused:

Here you go:

(Set Ignore Move Input) node to true and (Set Ignore Look Input) node to be true and attach the target to player controller. To enable all movement again do same but leave bool unchecked for false.

Here try this. Make 2 Functions in character BP, call one enable mouse and other disable mouse (or what ever you want to call them) then set up like these images show.

This is set up in character event graph to call your inventory.

Then in in the (Enable Mouse) Function we set this up.

Finally we set the (Disable Mouse) Function up like this.

This should get you running right and then you can just call these functions when pausing the game, going into different menus, etc.
Hope this helps.

P.S. Also the crosshairs is just my set up because I have crosshairs lol so you can ignore that.

Also in character BP on Event Graph, Call (Event Begin Play) node and create widget there like this.

I don’t know how to thank you mate!!

Not a problem glad to help out :slight_smile:

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