Inventory System in Mainmenu

from the sound of it you are trying to access a variable that hasnt been set. can you show a screenshot of how you populate the inventory, basically show us where your accessing the data table info.


I have an Inventorysystem in my game and i can use it without any problems.

I also added a mainmenu system and want to access to my Inventory from Mainmenu.

If I press the Inventory Button in Mainmenu the “Inventory_widget” appear but there is no access to Datatable (to Game Items) and i get as an error: “get data table row” accessed none!

Can anyone help me pls. How can i connect the Inventory widget with datetable while i am in Mainmenu widget?

Here the “for each loop” Gives a error : Accessed None!


i am still waiting for a solution. Pls help me… :’-(

Who know buddy, it could be anywhere in that lot… Best thing is to disconnect 90% of it, see if you get the problem. Then home in on the part that is causing the problem.