Inventory system for a 2d game

Need a bit of help with making a inventory system for a 2d with no player character. Would i be able to use the game instance to effectively store an inventory system? And how would you add and retrieve items from it? Also what would be the right way to have items effect the character i.e if something give +5 strength how would I have to structure it to make it work on equip and unequip? Please be as detailed as possible because I’m quite lost at this point, thanks in advance

Can you please be a bit more detailed?

A 2D with no character, but items effect the character? Is there a character or not?

Best place to keep information is the save game:

I’m using the game instance to simulate a character, and different buttons change the stats for the “character” to simulate racial stats. Sorry for being confusing.

You can use the game instance for a character, if you only have one character. But you will still need to store it all in the save game in between plays.

True but I need help with creating the actual inventory system most of all, I’ve already made the inventory widget and the item slot but I’m not sure how I should set them up.

Have a look around you tube, there’s enough inventory systems on there to kill and small pig…