Inventory System, built system and components

I’m still fairly new to unreal and I still don’t fully understand components. I’ve built an inventory system, which is an actor that the character spawns at 0,0,0 at Even BeginPlay. All the functions related to the inventory are inside the BP of the inventory. For now, everything works great. I also have a Bp for storage which works the same way. I plan to make my game multiplayer, but at the moment, not everything is replicated.

My build system is integrated inside the ThirdPersonCharacter BP and all the functions are scripted in the character BP. I wonder if it would be better to transfer all the functions to a component that would take care of the build system. The build system takes some function to operate and I think the more features I add in my game, the more clutter will become the BP. I believe components would make my life easier.

so basically :

Would it be more efficient to work that way? Like to have a component for my fight system, build system, and so on. I would attach the component to the character and call functions when needed?

The reason why I went for an actor for the inventory is that I can make a child, which I think is impossible for components. I believe I won’t need to make any child for the build system.