Inventory System - Any interest?

Hey everyone, I have made decent progress on a complex inventory system (slot based) where you can stack items, split stacks, equip weapons and armor, drop items, Item info hover widgets (dynamic to the item, can compare to currently equipped too), combine stacks of the same item, define item quality(rare, legendary, common, etc), drag and drop to reorder, detect level requirement, etc. Pretty much how you would expect it to behave for a RPG style game. You can easily create new items via a data table so no need to script new items. The Data table talks to my system and does all the work. Some scripting will be needed for any custom actions when an item is used but several default actions can be provided, such as heal the player when a health potion is used.

Would like to still add a couple of feature but mostly it’s done.

I made it because I none of the exiting options or tutorials I could find suited my needs. Don’t want to sound like I am talking down about anything, just didn’t suit my needs.

I am writing this to see if other people are happy with what is available or if there would be an interest in a my system appearing on the Unreal Store?

I wanted it to be easy and intuitive but at the same time complex and robust.

If there is interest I can post images and video of it in action and can polish it to sale quality. I also integrated it into loot chests but that might need some more work before it’s ready for sale.

From what I have seen and tried to use, the inventory systems that were on the marketplace a few months ago weren’t user friendly, and I struggled to use them, but I haven’t looked at any for a few months. It sounds like your inventory has what some people are looking for, and it sounds pretty cool :smiley: If you post in the marketplace forum area, you can add ‘Gauging Interest’ tag to your title, which would probably better suit this thread.

Thanks! I didn’t realize there was a section for it. I have re-posted there. If there are any features you would like let me know. My system might already do it.

I’ve been searching for an inventory system since before update 4.7 and STILL haven’t found anything like your describing. I know for a fact that in the community there are tons of people who don’t speak or write in forums but need guidance and are dying for a proper inventory system that doesn’t take an extreme amount of knowledge to make, test and implement in their games. I’m down to test your inventory system and give you an unbiased opinion in hopes of you creating the holy grail of inventory systems lol. If not, at least we both are aware of the lack of tutorials and inventory systems out there in UE4 land.

Thanks for you post. I have my inventory system working very well but work has picked up a bit so progress has slowed. The biggest thing is I have integrated it into my quest system, loot system and planned dialogue system, so do I break it off so it is less substantial but independent, or work on a full RPG style system where everything is integrated and works together? Eg, A dialogue system can start a quest from the quest system and the quest system which will track the quest then can then reward items that go into the item and inventory system. I have every system working, including a UI for each, except for the dialogue system which hasn’t been started yet.

Sure you can test it once I complete a decent pass of the dialogue system. I would like to post a video too so people can see what I am talking about.

I would post an inventory system on the marketplace, but I don’t have the patience to make one and then wait till it’s published lol.

there are few of them, how much cooler your one would be?)

Take a look at the other post I made that lists all the current features and planned features.

I know there are a few already. None of them met my needs so I made my own. I wanted it to be robust and dynamic. I like making systems that are just that. Systems. So during development or level design. Anyone can place items or decide what loot drops. Just easy, you know?

Please take a look at the link and let me know your thoughts.