Inventory System and Item Pick Up (Blueprint)

So i am developing a survival horror game and wheb the player find items i want them to press E to pick up the item and it goes into their inventory. I also want to create backbacks to extend the inventory. Could someone make a youtube tutorial or tell me please

hi there, listen it wouldn’t help if we gave you the exact answer to your question because then nobody will learn what they are doing, however i will send you a link to 2 people whom have a ton of tutorials for UE4 and these tutorials helped me lots :wink:
anyways the first link will take you to a guy whom goes through a lot of stuff including the making of the UI and skill trees and progress bars and i know you will find it helpful…
just dont forget to work hard and not give up when problems or issues arrive :slight_smile:

1.Unreal Engine 4 - Setting Up the Character (Part 1) - YouTube


i hope they help