Inventory Stack Item

Hi guys,
I follow this tutorial for make a inventory.

And now I make a wood for pickup and want stack this.
Can anyone help me ?

I havnt done an inventory in unreal but i did in unity. Item stacking is just merely an optical illusion. You add a variable and display it underneath the item icon this is representing the item amount . Then to stack items its just manipulating the variable .

Eg health potion . Amount variable is equal to 1 , you pick up another health potion then you change the health variable to 2 to give the impression that you have picked it up

If you are doing it like item/splitting/ stacking by dragging in the actual invemtry rather than when you pick it simply destroy one icon and increase the variable

Hello there,
Like you I used this inventory system at first making improvements as i went along. After getting further into my game making i relized that the inventory system shown is very limited and very taxing on system. So I searched and found this Create a Crafti Its a series that shows a much better way to make an inventory system and with a little work you can improve on his methods as well. Hope this helps as it did me :slight_smile:

if i get time i might try and port over my unity rpg kit. If i can get it working i will do a tutorial
[http:// 2015 04 11 1640 56 - YouTube](http:// 2015 04 11 1640 56 - YouTube)