Inventory Right Click Menu (Context)

I have been trying to create a right click menu for quite some time in the UMG editor and I feel like there should be an easier way to do this. Here is what I am trying to do. I want to be able to right click on a button (or some other control) and have a context menu popup with some options (buy/sell/info/etc) and be able to act upon the selection of the menu. Imagine an inventory type system with multiple selections in which you were able to right click on 1 item to sell or right click on a store item to buy.

Right now I am passing the right click event from my actor to my UI blueprint but this is where I am stuck. I don’t know what button (or other control) I am right clicking on nor how to provide unique information back to the blueprint to make decisions based on what option was selected.

Any help would be great to either point me in the right direction or solve this issue.

Thank you,

Not entirely sure how to solve identifying a button or at least a UI element when Right Clicking (Perhaps using the mouse position to determine any elements behind it might be the trick, or there could be something much more simple).

Use an Event Dispatcher to return information back to a BP. When you gather the information in your UI BP, call the Event Dispatcher and then within your BP, bind a custom event to that Dispatcher and you will be able to pass variables between the BPs that way.