Inventory problem Error (Accessed None 'InventoryWidget'...)

Hello, basically I’m trying to add a inventory system to my game, but I’m not very good at scripting so I am trying to replicate this inventory system from this video;

Everything seemed to work, until I got to epizode 6, Errors are coming up when I try to open my Inventory. From what it says in the error, something is wrong with this blueprint (at least I’m guessing) I really need a fix for this, I would really appreciate someone’s help. thanks.




I think I’ve found the problem, I do also try to explain why it happens:
In the ThirdPersonCharacter you did a branch with the condition Can Move. So you press the button for your inventory and it goes to the branch. Now the Exec goes to false, because the Can Move boolean is set to false at default. You execute the Allow Movement Event correctly and then you want to remove the “Inventory Widget” from parrent. This is not possible cause the “Inventory Widget” variable isn’t defined yet, cause you haven’t executed the Can Move true path (from the branch), where you set the variable, yet.

So you just have to set Can Move to true by default, I do also think thats logical, cause you can move when you start playing.
I’m not sure whether you did it already or not, but you habe to set the Can Move boolean to true in the custom Event ‘Allow Movement’ and to false in ‘Disallow Movement’.

So short: Just click the Can Move variable and set it’s default to true, it should work now

Wow that was easy. Thanks :slight_smile:

No problem :slight_smile: Sometimes there are so small problems like this, and nothing from that you´ve coded works