Inventory or Bag UE4 (only Blueprints) version 2

I applied to place my development on the market.
My experience
But a refusal was received:
• Submission lacking in quantity.
• Assets are easily reproduced.
• Submission is lacking in overall value.

For more information about our requirements please refer to our submission guidelines (
Can someone meet this. Tell me, please, how to fix this?

My advise is look at the other inventory systems on the marketplace and compare yours to theirs, and i think you will see why it has been refused.

Hmm. I looked at other inventory systems. Unfortunately, this did not help me. I would like to know in more detail what I was denied. Since in my case I have the picking up of an object, throwing out, saving and loading an object, a tooltip appears on the object on the object. Unfortunately I did not work so well with widgets and the image quality leaves much to be desired. But the inventory system itself is working. Plus, there are some static mesh and materials to them.