Inventory notification of item picked up

So I want to make a loot system similar to Outer Worlds.

You walk up to an item;

widget shows up displaying all the contents within item

depending on what you press, you can:

  1. take one item
  2. Take all items
  3. close the window

I don’t think I’d need to add a close feature since when the item’s contents array is cleared / empty, the item would destroy itself.

Here’s what I got so far:

(I have a bunch of other issues with my inventory system so I hope I can get some help with it because I’ve been struggling with figuring this out for a really long time I followed this tutorial
[link text][2]
and made a few tweaks of my own, and I’m not sure where I went wrong, aside from that issue, I’ve been at this thing for too long, more than 8 months if I can be precise, so ANY help at all will be greatly appreciated. I will be uploading more screenshots but this is the only actor I can think of that has the issue. the widgets are showing, as well as the text. it’s what the the text is reading that (I think ) is the issue.
Still, please let me know if more screenshots will be required.)

NOTE: Okay so it turns out there was one other place where the blueprint was actually operating from, however, the set up looks about the same. Either way, the result remains the same.