Inventory: Navigate a vertical Box Widget?

Not sure where to start off. I have a setup where a menu of items is placed in a vertical box which is inside of a Scrollbox.
I want to navigate up and down the vertical box to see the items in the item list menu as in Outer Worlds or Witcher 3, etc…

I have a setup but there’s nothing in terms of navigating the menu. I also have a scrollbox but again, no setup.

The two functions Move up and Move down don’t do anything because I have not set anything up yet for them.

Calculate where you want to move to, then tell scrollbox to scroll there, via SetScrollOffset


Hello! So I managed to get it but in a different way.

It’s a bit much, but basically with the controller input I gathered all the children widgets within the vertical box, and put them in an array, and assigned the current index to a variable.
That variable designates which index we are t, and therefore, the widget currently selected. I loosely based it off of a tutorial On menu widgets.

So far it works but I have to press a button twice in order to get the focus onto the vertical box before I can navigate it. So I now basically have to press up or down one more time before the cursor highlights the one I want highlighted.

Also I see the get parent is coming from the widget but may I ask where do I set this?