Inventory Menu - how to access sub pannels?


Inventorymenu is a very complex UI. It contains inventory, engrams, and more. How can I move between pages? Is there a way to change to engram view, or some other? Just starting up UI UE process…


you can set the visiblity in the EngramPanel (panelproperties) from hidden to visible.

Wow. I love u! Thankzzzzzzzzz

Ok got another question. Im trying to adjust existing widgets, mostly moving them around, squeezing and getting more space out of the UI. So I’m trying to save space on personal stats but when I squeeze them they dont move all icons. They are all in EquipedItemsPanel but they dont move as I move the panel main widget, any hints?

Wow this is somehow very difficault to explain in english for me :slight_smile: I try.

For instance click on the OxygenLabelStat (in the hierarchy), then you look to the canvas. There is a “little sun” (idk how to call it) in the upper left corner.
Now you select a Icon of your choise and look where the “sun” is. You will see, that the “sun” is in the lower right corner. Click in the middle of the “sun” and drag and drop it on the same positions like the label “sun”. Repeat it for all icons.

Ahh so its basically the anchor for the icon. Gacia, thanks!

Yeah anchor :D, now I have the word for my “little sun” :wink:

You can also call it pivot :- ) pivot is more popular I think.

Note that with the Core Game Data override in v185, you can completely replace the Inventory Menu, and anything else – all via subclassing the GameMode blueprint and Primal Game Data blueprint, everything spiderwebs out from that :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to get some more details on how we actually do that? What I mean is, does subclassing the blueprints mean adding addition entries into them, or does it involve separate files ‘extending’ it as in scripts? I ask because I intend to add new armor assets, weapons etc. New material resources to make them with, that sort of thing. I am in the process of trying to get as much accomplished as possible in advance of 185, and I’d hate to be doing it all terribly wrong. I should mention that what I am doing is to find a similar existing item, duplicating it, and duplicating anything I can find that references it at all, including the entries in the Primal Game Date blueprint. I’m starting to think this may be incorrect, because I imagine that would alter existing item ids, or at least make it so mods had different lists. Even if I am doing it wrong, I’m at least learning so it wouldn’t be all bad in any event.

Yeah +1 from me too.

One thing I cant figure out is where exactly do

Engram Data >> Go
So that list data reads engram data?

I want to create more sub engram categories so that I have nice tree for each set of items. Atm I cant find the pointer where the engrams are going to :frowning: