Inventory Like Classic Tomb Raider Games

Good afternoon, I would like to be able to replicate an inventory similar to the style of the tomb raider of the playstation 1, but we exactly how to start, I am fiddling with Render2D, but we very well how to make the objects work in a circle, greetings. Example: Magnums_%28TR1%29.png

There are many ways, check this post for ideas and an example:

And sure, you can render it to Render Target if needs be.

Thx for the support! , can enable the link of the project example you send in the post?

It was a gif of something spinning around afair. Don’t have it anymore, it’s been 2+ years. The script looks like it should work fine. I’d probably write it slightly differently now.


Yeah, I’d just rotate the spline component if I chose to use a spline for this. And I wouldn’t choose a spline unless this had to be a custom shape. For a circular motion, I’d just rotate the items array around the player’s location vector.

All of the methods would work, give it a try, see how it feels. Should be pretty flexible and splines give you granular control you can hardly find anywhere else.