Inventory Item Inspection problem!!!

Have a simple slot-inventory system setup, where u can pick an item and inspect it on clicking the associated inventory slot. The issue is whenever i click on the slot it does display the item, but freezes and i’m not able to drag rotate/tumble the object around.

On the other hand, if i directly feed a static mesh in my item capture blueprint, i’m able to tumble/rotate the mesh around and not with the set new item mesh function created or even with the set static mesh option in my inventory slot widget blueprint.


Also, the update pivot and scale function. does nothing, except that i’m now unable to see the captured item anymore!

Followed a couple of tuts, but none of them work as they should! If the issue is not clear enough, i can provide more details and upload more blueprint images, etc. if need be. Have been banging my head over this for quite a while now, hope this gets resolved finally and smoothly. Thanks in advance!

Sorry, can’t read your BPs, they’re too small, but why are you spawning the mesh in the sky!? Why not spawn it right in front of the camera?