Inventory help

Does anyone know any tutorials that are up to date to make a inventory system in c++ I really like the way dead rising 4 had their inventory layout so if there are any tutorials like this please link me. 0708d6316ec427d145ae2caa29280b23.png
also so i dont make a new post for this how do they get their text and health bar slanted it looks it like it is 3d but i dont know how to do that in the widget BP

Google up for inventory systems in C++ in UE4. Most of them are different. People like me haven’t played Dead Rising 4 so I don’t know how it works. Usually inventory systems are pretty simple to come up with, hardest things are UI’s. But as I said, there are already tons of tutorials on inventories, you just need to find one that suits you best.

As I see in the image, this is pretty simple, you have 3 slots, 1 for primary weapon (Some kind of assault rifle) and 2nd for secondary weapon ( Axe) and granades slot (looks like pineapple granade). So you have 3 pointers stored somewhere, which keep references to each weapon.

Then for UI you simply get those references and get their images to display on the widget (Image widget) and getting current ammo and print it as text field.

Pretty much like that.

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