Inventory function and UI design paid contract

Hi all i am looking someone to help me modify the inventory system i currently have in my game as well as add some functions, my game is multiplayer and is using the jcinventory system. pic below is what i currently have.

What i am looking for is something like this pic below

Basically i want the clothing to have pockets as well as the weapon that is equipped to have a mag function

Mag - The mag should hold a set amount of bullets and be refillable with bullets, it should be equippable to the gun, when the gun fires the mags current bullets should decrease when equipped if the mag has 0 bullets the gun should not fire.

The clothing’s current setup - Basically the clothing right now inherits from a BP called JCInventoryItem_Cloth, so it goes for example JCInventoryItem_Cloth - Base_shirt the goal is i want the JCInventoryItem_Cloth to hold the main logic for clothing then the “base classes the item specifics” then the children of those base classes the “different appearances of those items”. However the problem i have had is when i create a child of for example base_shirt and change the set mesh or mat in the child it does not load the mesh nor mat and loads the base one instead.

So what i want for the clothing setup is

  1. JCInventoryItem_Cloth “main logic for clothing”
  2. Base item of clothing inherited from JCInventoryItem_Cloth to hold “item specific stuff ie inventory size”
  3. the children of the base items of clothing "the appearance of those items IE different collared shirts or meshes.

thank you and please contact me if you are interested with price quotes.