Inventory for Battle Royale

Inventory for Battle Royale

Inventory System, Loot Chest, Crafting Station, Weapons System and more.
All system designs are dynamic to be easy add new items.
It was also designed to be easy to integrate with other projects.

Gameplay Preview

• Multiplayer Support
• Easy to add new Items
• Easy to migrate to your Project
• Clean and organized Blueprints with Notes
• Customize Rarity Color via Data Table
• Inventory System
• Health, Shield and Damage System
• Crafting Station System
• Loot Chest System
• Weapons System
• Item Rarity System
• Consumable System
• Notification System

Technical Information:


• First Med Kit
• Med Kit
• Green Potion
• Purple Potion
• Red Potion

• Pistol
• Assault Rifle
• Sniper Rifle
• Rocket launcher
• Shotgun
• Grenade
• Knife

• Pistol Ammo
• Assault Rifle Ammo
• Sniper Rifle Ammo
• Rocket Launcher Ammo
• Shotgun Ammo

Number of Blueprints: 104
Input: Mouse and Keyboard
Network Replicated: Yes
Supported Development Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Supported Target Build Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux
Documentation Videos: Here

Important/Additional Notes: This is not a full Battle Royale mode.