Inventory Examine Interface

**UPDATE: **The Inventory Examine Interface has been released: Inventory Examine Interface in Blueprints - UE Marketplace

100% Blueprint Inventory Interface with item pickup, examine (3D tumble and turn), put back, drop, throw and use actions!

The Inventory Examine Interface is a blueprint driven Inventory system great for escape room, puzzle solving, treasure hunts and adventure games. This system allows you to pick up objects in the game, examine them by tumbling them around in 3D, then take them into your inventory. You can drop the items, throw the items or use the items depending on what it is. Also included in the system are ‘Interact’ object blueprints to activate/animate/open/close things like drawers and doors when you click on them and connect them to items in your inventory like keys and other tools.

Fully 3D turn and tumble of item being examined
Inventory assets obey physics and gravity rules for throwing and dropping actions
Create items to be picked up and taken into inventory
Create items to be picked up and examined, but not taken (too big or heavy like a desk)
Create items to be interacted with in the world like doors and drawers that tie directly into items in your inventory like keys or lock picks
Examine and Take Menu
Examine Only Menu
Inventory Menu Interface with roll over action buttons (Drop, Use, Throw)
Heavily commented modifiable blueprint system
Pre-set blueprint class Templates and step by step instructions makes it easy to add your items to the inventory system
Templates include variables for setting up item name, description, thumbnail, 3D mesh to use when examining the item close up, if the item is ‘Takable’, ‘Usable’ and more
Completely customizable and modifiable to suit your individual requirements
Migrate-able to new or existing projects

Technical Details
Some knowledge of how blueprints work is recommended for editing and customizing
Intended platform: Works on Windows and Mac
Demo scene included showcasing Take-able items, Examine Only Items, Usable Items, Throw-able Items, Interact Items (opening drawer), and Interact Item with lock (unlocked with key when in inventory)
Compatible in 4.14 and 4.15


Special thanks to Tom Looman, Jonathan Daley and Wes Bunn whos tutorials and concepts drove this project.

  • Jerry

Looks very sleek :slight_smile: I can see some pretty nice adventure games being made with this. Couple of questions that I can imagine popping up…

I assume, based on the people’s work you cite as inspiration for this, that this is singleplayer only? Any plans to support multiplayer?
And what price point were you planning for this?

Looks very nice. Well done. I love the clean UI :slight_smile:

working on a point & click adventure game.
in the video i have seen only first person gameplay. Would it work with fixed Cameras, too.
Means i have a big scene and the camera siwtches between multiple cameras. Some may even move along with the player ?

kind regards

Thanks for the kind words. At the moment the template is based on the first person character. (single player) I would be happy to collaborate with someone to push this to a multiplayer and 3rd person, etc. Just beyond my wheel house at the moment. Price point probably $19 for V1.

Sure, the bulk of the blueprints that affect the Player Character are in the First Person blueprint, I would think it would just be a matter of moving that character to the different camera positions and some parenting. Couple ways to achieve that I imagine. - Jerry

Looks interesting, looking into this some more i found that you can add in networking support for render targets so multiplayer support is possible.

looking good:D

@CreativeVilla This is not in the marketplace yet. Does it really take that long? Really would like to use this. Thanks it looks great.

@AddictArts - thanks! Hopefully soon!

This has been released on the marketplace here: Inventory Examine Interface in Blueprints - UE Marketplace