Inventory doesn't refresh

Hello fellow Unreal Engineers,

I’m currently trying to implement an MMO-styled inventory. For some reason, whenever a player picks up an item, it doesn’t show up visually.
I am 100% sure that my script to add an item to the inventory array on picking it up works, since the inventory is set to public and shows the items being added in live play.

This is the function I’m using to refresh my inventory:

The function is called everytime after the player picks up an item.

This is the brush binding of each inventory slot:


Any ideas would be highly appreciated. Thank you!

you have a custom event it will only run when it is called the custom event has no loop, make sure the refreshinventory custom event is being called by a event tick as it will constantly refresh it

RefreshInventory is called every time a new item is added into the inventory. Shouldn’t this be enough? :S


EDIT: I additionally tried let the inventory refresh every tick and it didn’t work…

In the end, I did the inventory using Structs. This worked without problems. The issue was most likely caused because a deletion of the item in the world also deletes the variables of the reference in the array. This sets the thumbnail variable to “none”.