Inventory Data System

Ok so I followed a tutorial on how to make an Inventory system for multiplayer. The way the guy was setting up his inventory he made it very difficult to add items so I decided to go a different route. I was wondering if there was a way to have UE4 connect to a Database outside of Unreal engine and have it update items that are entered into the table automatically so that I do not have to type in every weapon or armor or item into the Inventory blueprints. Thanks in advance!

Have you taken a look at data tables? These should allow you to import CSV files that contain your data.

No I haven’t yet. Wasn’t really sure what to look for. Just started with the programming and UI systems. I had to gather and build all my other resources. I’m not really sure what a csv file is though?

Nevermind, I googled it. the csv file I found was probably what you’re talking about as well. From my understanding the csv file you’re talking about is a .csv - Comma Seperated Values file. Which in turn is just a text file in which the data is seperated by commas. Ex. cheese,bread,toast,etc. ?

Something like that, apparently it is good for things like levels & xp reqs, so you can sort things by other things, so you could put bread, and then how much it heals, and how heavy it is I’d imagine.

Ah cool. Thanks a lot for the information :slight_smile:

Hi CjInsanity, I recall our convo in the UMG Character Creation Menu post. Good to see your working through the tough spots. I would be interested in the tutorial you found for setting up a Inventory system for multi-player, just to compare implementations. Inserting this info into a local Data Tables/Excel(or Open Office Calc) works great. You could also consider using the BP Save Game Object to save/load this data locally. There are advantages to each. I elected to use Save Game Objects to save/load data in my SLOTS I/O Manager. With improvements in 4.8, I’ll may revisit Data Tables to save/load data.

Review 4.8, unfortunately there is currently no means to add/delete rows/save data tables from blueprints:( So I’m sticking with Slots.

- YouTube This is the video series I found that seems to be pretty solid but I was hoping there was a way to use MySQL or some other database system that would work better than Data Tables. But unfortunately it seems this is the only way to do things in UE4.