Inventory Component - A fully working advanced inventory for any project!


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Short Description
A component which gives you an advanced tab-based inventory by just adding it to any actor!

Long Description
The component easily adds an inventory to any actor.
You can use it for any kind of project and do not have to change your game drastically when you already started developing because of the modularity of components in Unreal Engine.
And even better everything works standalone, you can use any UObject derived class (mostly Actors for spawning) as an inventory item.


  • Add an inventory to any actor
  • Network Replicated
  • Tab-based
  • Individual slot amount
  • Make every UObject derived class to an item by adding it to a DataTable
  • Individual item settings (stackable, max stack size, icon, etc)
  • Add, Remove, Swap and Drop functions
  • Many useful events
  • Debug Print an inventory when you don’t use a widget
  • Chest Example included


I’ll use this topic to provide news, update the tutorial list and of course I’ll answer all questions from you, so feel free to ask!