Inventory Cast to Failed

Hey UE4 Answers,
Im having a problem with an inventory system I found. The problem is that the casting from the the transmitter or CharacterBP fails to send to the reciever which is the AK47 Blueprint. I have recreated the entire solution twice with no new results, also when I debug the solution I can clearly see that the cast to fails because I added a log to the cast to failed and it logs “Hello”. Any help would be much needed.
1,2,3,6 = Character BP
4,5 = AK47 BP

Is this a single player? You could also check to make sure you are casting to a valid index in the array. This could be the issue that the array location you are choosing does not hold the object.

The issue was that the object that was in the hit objects array didn’t include(idk if that work is correct for this) the AK47 blueprint. Once I made the AK47 blueprint a physics actor then it cased correctly. Anyways, thank you for the fix it worked perfectly!