Inventory and Equipment System

Hey guys,

UPDATE 14/09/2015

Well I submitted the update just now and it includes the following:

  • various bug fixes and cleanups (list inventory missing the stack number on items, get bonuses function returning wrong values, and few more)

  • weight system that can be turned on/off (weight is ignored when crafting, or spawning default items, or unequipping, weight calculations ignore the weight of currently equipped items)

  • Item Recipe class that upon activation (right click on the item) will consume the ingredients and spawn an item (it has a modified tooltip that shows the required materials, and which item it will spawn)
    (Item recipes can be either used a single time, or can be used multiple times (there is a boolean for this)

  • Items can now use skeletal meshes as well as static meshes (there is a boolean to switch between which one to use per item)

and as a bonus:
-Simple chest that upon activation (right clicking) will drop items (the sample one drops Sword Recipe and 2 ingots required to make the sword) ofc the drops can be changed

Tutorial update detailing the changes will come in the following days

Also there will be a crafting window in the next update, It was removed from the current one due to issues

The system is finally on marketplace, I’ve also put it up on Sellfy (comes with the same kind of support as if you were to buy it via marketplace) :

A Standalone Inventory/Equipment system which supports stat modification (Designed to work with the Character System, but can be used standalone).
Can be added to any pawn, and allows creation and handling of gold and custom items and any related variables (item types, item rarities, attributes, requirements, item use scripts etc.).

The system also has a Drop component which can be attached to any pawn. and allows you to trigger an event, which would by random chance (based on specified %) spawn the items specified.

All the blueprints are well commented and there is an implementation tutorial (in pdf format), live help/support is available on request.

The entire system is very flexible and can be used in conjunction with my other systems.

-Create your own items of any type (weapons, armors, quest items, consumables etc.)
-Comes with premade items: Sword, Two Handed Sword, Armor, Helmet, Shield including basic 3D meshes
-Comes with premade equipment slots
-Handles gold (comes with gold item to loot as well)
-Supports stackable items
-3 Methods of looting designed to fit your needs, Proximity(which item you near), Raycast(what item you looking at), Mouse(which item you are hovering)
-Procedural Item tooltips
-Specify default equipment, and inventory content
-Handle item drops (via separate component by % chance and minimum and maximum number of the item)
-Give items attribute requirements and bonuses (you will need to handle these yourself if you dont have the character attribute system)
-Supports inventory filters
-Supports mesh attachment (visually adds sword,armor etc. to your pawn mesh)
-Use the character system to handle the requirement check and bonus attribute calculations
-Create equipment slots and unique rules for equipping items.
-Use one of two types of inventory UIs (Grid or List Inventory)
-Comes with draggable Inventory and Equipment Windows




this is pretty much the first release version. there are planned updates and such, feel free to make suggestions on what you would like to see in future, or comment on any of the current features, or ask any questions you may have.