Inventor Assembly Import Procedure


currently I’m trying to import a large Inventor Assembly (iam file) into Unreal Engine via Datasmith. The import itself works, but some parts of the assembly are not aligned properly and others are missing completely. Therefore I was wondering if someone could help me to understand the import procedure?
Does Datasmith take into account the following assembly settings?

  • Active View representation
  • Active Level of Detail representation

How are hidden or suppressed parts handled?
Any best practices?
Are Inventor 2019/2020 files supported?

Thank you in advance for your help!

You’ll need help from [USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] to bring ThomasC into the conversation. I only work on AEC workflows these days, so I don’t know the status of Inventor in Datasmith.

@kenpimentel Thank you for the information.
[USER=“9”]Stephen Ellis[/USER] I am looking forward to your reply :wink:

Haven’t tried 4.25 yet, but as of 4.24, what you are seeing is fairly typical in my experience so far. I personally have issues with any parts in the assembly that are constrained to any odd angle, other than 90, 180, etc. I’ve been importing those parts in 3dsMax and going to UE4 that way.

Some parts I just can’t import at all. No error message, just creates a dummy actor and no geometry. Haven’t figured out what exactly causes it.

Datasmith used to crash when importing an assembly with an LOD view enabled in previous versions, so I got in the habit of leaving the master LOD open before importing. Not sure how that stuff is currently handled to be honest.

This is using Inventor 2020 btw. I’ve never had an issue with new inventor versions and datasmith, but I don’t keep old versions installed so I don’t know how older inventor versions work with newer datasmith versions.

Sorry its not much help, but you’re most likely not doing anything wrong.

@spazfirem Thank you for your reply. Your comment is a little bit confusing to me. In the first section you are saying you have problems with some constrained parts. In the last section you are saying that you have no issues with inventor 2020 files?!

Meaning I never had an issue where the version of Inventor was the problem.

I opened an issue report that was confirmed by Epic

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