Invalid trust settings. restore system default trust settings for certificate

Very good, I’ve been trying to pack my game for IOS for about a week and I’ve found the following problem. I will tell you more details so that you understand:
Engine version used UE_4.27.2
Xcode 13.4.1

Steps I have tried:
I have created a “Request a certificate from a certificate authority”
I enter “Apple Development” and generate the “Certificate” for IOS Distribution, its Identifier and its “Profile” also for IOS Distribution.
(In this way the certificate with the Profile in Unreal was NOT VALID)

I create the certificate for Distribution through Xcode and download it from “Apple Development”
I create your “Profile” marked for IOS and APP, and the one that marks with gray letters “For xcode…”
(In this way IF they appear as VALID in Unreal)
(In addition, in both cases I check that the certificates are not expired)

In both cases, when I get the certificates, I double-click and add them to “Keychains”, inside “Keychains” I double-click and click “Always trust”, so that they are Valid in the UE.
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In Project settings - IOS, I put all the “Bundles” well (Otherwise it does not let you start the packaging process.

The process starts to run and “It seems” that it takes the Certificates and continues with them.
It gave me some errors about “Log.txt”, I simply entered the specific documents that I wanted to access and gave them “Read and write” permissions.
Later I get the following error:

(I was advised to remove the “Binaries”, “Intermediarie” and “Save” folders from my UE project and start the process over, but that didn’t work)

Why do I think the failure may occur?
You may be creating the certificates wrong
It may be that my user does not have all the permissions to do what he asks (Although I have it in Administrator mode
It may be that you have to activate or deactivate some permissions from the MAC

I don’t know what’s going on but I’ve been dealing with this for quite some time. I don’t know if it has happened to someone else but I can’t find the solution, I hope someone can help me.

Thank you!!

This is the error that gives me in the document “Log.txt”