Invalid lightmap settings

I want to make a prototype map for testing but when I convert my brush to a Static Mesh i get “Invalid lightmap settings” error.
When i turn on “Overridden light map res” it shows the texture how it should but when I build lightning it turns black.
It’s not the texture like you can see on the image it’s the same texture on the floor.
But the floor is an imported mesh and not from an brush.

Change the lightmap resolution (you can find that in the static mesh editor) to a higher value -> not 0

It’s on 64 allready i even turned it up to 6400 but still black.

Then you have to create a 2nd uv channel -> Window - Generate Unique UVs - and then create a 2nd one

Thank you it’s not black anymore when I create a new UV and then use “Layout using 0 channel” but it ***** up my texture?

Omg i didn’t change the light map coordinate index xD
It’s solved thank you ^^

I had to open the static mesh and change the lightmap resolution from 0 to 64. In the level editor it was showing as using the default of 64.

I went to windows> generate unique UV’s - then I have the tab open and the settings are -
create new
UV channel to save results to - If I touch this I get an error “generateUV’s failed, incorrect number of texcoords”
Limit maximum stretching - 0.5
(grayed out) limit maximum number of charts - 100
limit spacing between charts - 1

I can successfully generate a UV map but my model is still black after I rebuild the lighting.

I am getting is error when I try to generate unique Uvs. ‘GenerateUV’s failed, couldn’t convert to a D3DXMesh’ Please help, this seems to be a common issue that is not address from my research.

It mostly happens when your mesh has too many polygons.

Ok, But how do I fix this.

Just create your lightmap in a 3d program like blender, that’s the easiest way to solve your problem :wink:

Remember Lightmap UVs CANNOT OVERLAP. The editor can be a bit of a **** as well with spacing so make sure there’s plenty of space between the uv spaces, or you will get blackened models and errors.

Without Maya or blender :

  • Create brush

  • Transform with “Create Static Mesh” button

  • Rename your mesh, then double-click on the new mesh thumbnail (Enter in the Mesh editor)

  • Below Static Mesh Settings, change “Light Map resolution” to 128

  • Click on the top menu “Window”, then click on "Generate Unique UVs)

  • Click on Apply

  • Below Static Mesh Settings, open bottom panel and change “Light Map Coordinate Index” to 1

  • Save your Mesh and Build


My mesh is still black after that :frowning:

Then export it into a 3d prgoram and create the lightmap there :wink: or also add a skylight into the level, probably just the shadow is too black

It’s completely indoors so the skylight will just be blocked by the ceiling I’ll try it though :smiley:

I’ll try a lighting map i guess, adding a skylight did this, lighting.png

Buenas tardes amigos soy nuevo en este programa, tengo un gran problema que tengo tres días sin solucionarlo, sobre mapa de luz inválido. Espero que puedan ayudarme a resolverlo. Gracias

Hey man, this window doesn’t have any uv things in it anymore, can you please suggest what to do in 2018?