'Invalid Lightmap Settings' on Static Meshes generated from BSP

I’m currently converting some old BSP into Static Meshes but when the new SM is added to the level it is covered in the text “Invalid Lightmap Settings”.

Now the SMs have ‘Auto Generate Lightmap UVs’ in their properties, and it’s not possible to reimport the mesh because the source was BSP, not an external FBX asset.

So does anyone know what Lightmap settings I need to change, or if it’s possible to re-generate Lightmap UVs?

Or is this a known issue that Epic should be looking into?

Thanks :slight_smile:

To get rid of the “error” you have to add a value to the lightmap resolution → double click onto the static mesh - in the properties you can find “lightmap resolution” - type in e.g 32, 64, 128, 256,… :slight_smile:

-you can export the mesh so that you can adjust the lightmap in a 3d program

Thanks Fighter :slight_smile: