Invalid Lightmap on 3ds Max Arch. geometry VIDEO

hi all.
A friend is helping me with this really neat room geometry, but as you can see in the video there’s something with the light map.

Is this something I can auto fix in UE, or do I need to generate a ‘light map’ in 3ds? Any tips appreciated.

Also have my transportation locked in VR if anyone has any tips for that.


Maybe just a non existing uv channel is selected as a lightmap inside your mesh properties.
Or maybe your mesh doesn’t have a lightmap uv at all…
If you have a lightmap uv just set it’s channel!
If not you can try to generate one with Unreal… reimport and check generate lightmap uvs (or at the build settings (mesh properties) check generate lightmap uvs…)
Usually it’s better if you make your own…

Unreal has an option to auto-generate lightmap UV’s, however it works by copying an existing UV channel to a new channel and then simply runs a flattening and packing algorithm. So if you don’t have a UV channel with good seams already created then it can’t do anything for you.
You would then have to take it back into 3ds Max and create your new lightmap UV channel there. There’s an automatic flatten UV’s option in 3ds Max, however it works simply off the angle between edges and can often do a bad job, so the best results you’ll get is if you do them yourself.

Hi Both of You,
Thanks for the helpful tips.
I guess I just have to learn how to generate lightmaps then.
back to the drawing board.