Invalid APK file Android

Hi everyone !

I can package my project on my computer but I have an error when I’m trying to put it on my Nvidia Shield. When I launch the command file which is supposed to install it on my tablet I have these messages :

I have to say that deployment on tablet works like a charm and I can see my device when doing adb devices on a command prompt.

Thanks in advance if you can help me !

Can you create a package for Android that works on your Nvidia Shield on your second computer?

Are you able to to create a successful package from one of our blank templates are your current machine as a test?

I had a problem with my Tegra4 build in the past. It took me forever to figure out even though it was a simple problem. I ran out of space. (I kicked myself after I spent hours and it was that simple.) Do you have enough free space on your device?

Also, once I had to reinstall TADP, regenerate solution files, and recompile the engine to get it to work.

I haven’t been following Android lately though. Is there ARMv8 support yet? If so, maybe try that? Just a shot in the dark.

Good Luck!

Thanks for your answer and Parvan !

No I’m not even able to build a blank template. I will try to reinstall the NVIDIA components? TADP etc?

How about on your second computer?