Ints, strings, and floats but for unreal?

it seems unreal uses a different type of c++, can you show me what Ints, strings, and floats but are for unreal?

UE4 has in own standard library setup so types are different then you see in standard C++ library, primarily to have low level full control over everything happening in UE4 as well as to be flexible with multiplatfrom solutions and also to have ability to implement low level optimizations. So you should avid using any standard C++ library

Integer (u)intX - on place of X you put number of bits integer will have and you add u at beginning if you want unsigned, so for example blueprint integer use int32 and byte type in bluprint is uint8. Those are just typedefs to avoid using long type names of C++ primitives (unsinged long long int)

Float - float - it’s C++ primitive and normally used in unreal

strings - FString - it a UE4 implementation of string. String are not supported nativly in C and C++, which for them is array of char, in C++ standard library have string class implementation but UE4 has it own for reasons mentioned in the beginning