Introductory Thread?


Lately I’ve been seeing an influx of users posting “I’m new here” threads.

I was think, maybe we can sticky a basic megathread for all newcomers. Any very basic questions they have can go there.

Alternatively, maybe we should add a stckied thread that contains all introductory information (how to start the engine, get a project going, etc.).

I feel as though this can consolidate and clear up this thread section as well as allow new user an easy way in (they won’t have to post a thread and wait for one of us to reply).


~ Jason

The official documentation is probably fine as far as getting started with the engine

To be honest, this “intro thread” should contain single phrase - "Don’t ignore Learn tab, especially “Get started with UE4"”, because it has all introductory information, including documentation,manual, tutorials, video, articles and etc

The official documentation is great, but so many people seem to be passing it up for whatever reason.

I don’t want to come off as unwelcoming or antagonistic, but so many people seem be on here making threads when they can just find the answer in the launcher.
It’s a bit unnerving to see multiple threads on how to launch a project.

If they don’t want to look stuff up, that’s fine, but that’s why I suggested a stickied thread. That way we won’t have 10 different threads answering the same question over and over.
For some reason certain newcomers seem to default to starting threads on this forum instead of using their internet search engine or… I can’t believe I’m suggesting this… trying to figure it out themselves.

I figured if we have a thread with some helpful guides, maybe we won’t have these threads cluttering this section.

That being said, it’s not like we SHOULD NOT help newcomers if they post a thread asking for help, I’m just saying we should find a way to consolidate information so they won’t have to post a thread (since most feel like this is the best place to start getting information).

~ Jason

I get what you’re saying, I’ve seen this on more than one occasion myself. I’m not sure if a stickied thread will do much to change that though, as some people tend to want personal help as opposed to searching for resolutions in documentations or the answerhub. Personally it isn’t a problem to help a newcomer, but in the interest of their own time it may be quicker to look up the introductory documentation rather than wait for someone to just point them in that direction.

Being one of those noobs referred to, I can tell you from my own experience that even though there’s a ton of information out there (maybe too much), it’s all very overwhelming. I find that most of the information I’ve seen is really fantastic as a reference to go to AFTER you sorta know what you’re looking at/for. It’s difficult to explain precisely, but in my own experience so far, it’s like standing in a library full of books and information from floor to ceiling in all directions and not knowing where volume 1 is located followed by volume 2 etc etc. Not very well explained, but that’s the feeling I’m sure many of us noobs are confronted with. I would love to see someone educate us in reverse - ie, take an existing project, show us what it does and then break it apart step by step and explain the workflow and thought process incorporated to create it every step of the way. Not just do what I do, but more like, do it this way BECAUSE …

I hope that all makes sense. If a lot of people are asking the same questions, perhaps the answers are not being presented in the appropriate way for those people to grasp, after all, an answer is really only an answer if it delivers understanding as well as information.