Hi everyone!
Im new to the the unreal engine community! I have been working with UE4 for almost a year now but it hasn’t been anything to serious as I have been trying to piece it together all on my own (with the help of google and YouTube of course). I am attending SNHU and am finally attending my first course that pertains to my Major. Game creation is the course and am actually very excited to jump into UE4 from an educational stand point as I have been working on a game for quite some time now and i feel as though it will help me progress to a conclusion with my person project. I am looking forward to working with the UE4 forum and cannot wait to have intellectual discussion with people who are actually interested in the same type of work I am.

I enjoy coding, and have been getting rather accomplished with both Java and Python. I understand that UE4 uses blueprints but also uses the C++ language as its primary resource of direction. I have been looking into C++ for just this reason. I enjoy playing and creating games that give something to offer us. I also enjoy building computers and working with technology! Have a wonderful day everyone and thank you all for taking the time to read my introduction to the UE4 forum, I am excited to be apart of the community!