Introduction And Reflection

Hi all, I purchased Unreal Engine 4 and am downloading it now. I wanted to introduce myself, firstly I hope to have assets on the Marketplace, I’m the guy with the company called “MobileJuze Pty Ltd” here in Australia.

I also wanted to reflect. I can’t imagine it’s about 10 years since UT2004. I fired it up the other day and my fingers remembered all the nooks and crannies of ONS-Torlan like it was yesterday.

Almost can’t believe now I have Unreal Engine 4 itself at my fingertips!

In terms of game development I’ve been learning Unity 4.x the past 2 years, and it will take a few years to get the hang of Unreal.

It’s funny this is one active industry that has potential while the world goes into economic, environmental and political chaos.

MY GOODNESS I’m just looking at the content examples, the materials, reflections, etc, all running reasonably on my GTX 660M. I’M BLOWN AWAY.