Introducing UE4 Game Dev Battles !!! Thursday November 3rd, 2016


"What the freakamoley is this?" you may be asking yourself right now.

Game Dev Battles are actually quite simple, they pit UE4 Game Devs against each other to test their skills, while also being able to provide both education and entertainment value.

How many players?

Battles are currently limited to 1v1 or 1v1v1.

Who can join?

Any UE4 dev may join, no matter the skill level! The only requirement being that you will have to stream your battle live, we will be using (and by extension).

What will the battle cover?

The battle goal will be given to all participants as well as the audience just prior to the actual battle start time. Until then, it will be kept a secret. It can range anywhere from solving problems that other UE4 devs are having to creating simple game mechanics to mini-game jams and anything in between.

**How long will each battle last? **

Each battle will be custom tailored to take into consideration all of the participants. The minimum will be one hour to a maximum of eight hours.

When will battles take place?

Each battle will be custom tailored to take into consideration all of the participants. The host will be in charge of coordinating the date and time.

Where can I sign up?

Please message me either on here via PM or via Discord Chat: (VictorBurgos)

What if I have more questions?

Please reply here, PM me, or chat with me on Discord!

Hey guys!
Hope there is interest in this so we can get all sorts of people from these forums participating and showing their stuff~

Well this sound fun, what a nice idea.

Hey there! I moved this out of Events and into General Discussion as Events is held for Unreal Engine driven initiatives.


Are spectators invited to watch???

We’d love to have you attend ~
If you tune into this channel at the time given above, Victor will be covering the event:

Gee thanks

Everyone and anyone is more than welcomed to join us!

This is happening tonight! Don’t miss out!

I am tuning in :slight_smile: