Introducing Substance Share


We are proud to announce Substance Share, the free exchange platform for the Substance community!

Share your assets with the Substance Community. Upload and download materials, brushes, tutorials and much more directly from within the Substance Tools or from your internet browser.
Engage in the community, rate and comment other artist’s work and help us build a enormous library of free quality content for every 3D artist out there!

You can now download substance materials created by fellow artists to use directly in your UE4 projects using the Substance plugin. Its free for commercial usage as well.


woow awesome!, really nice, thanks you!

I take it these aren’t free for commercial use as I can see stuff like the Hulkbuster? I imagine these are free for just non-commercial projects?

From the newsletter I received:

“…From a legal standpoint, we wanted to do something fair and simple, so we picked the Creative Commons “Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International” license (more info here). This means, in human language, that all assets uploaded on Substance Share will be free of charge, and will be shareable and adaptable for any purpose, even commercially…”

Hey Wes,

This is awesome! I’m a big fan of the products you guys make.

Yeahhhh Buddy!!

Thanks Wes! Looking forward to this.

This is amazing. This is a wonderful way to collect together stuff people want to make and share. Having this hooked up to Substance makes it so easy to keep track of them.

I know that at the end of the day, Allegorithmic hope to use this to sell more Designer and Painter, but this is exactly the way to go about it. Helping people help themselves. They’ve certainly got my goodwill. (They’ve already got my money :slight_smile: ).


Yes, its free for commercial usage as long as its embedded within a larger project. For example, you are not permitted to resell or only make a slight modification and resell. You can use the assets in your game and then sell the game.


Hey Wes,

This is a brilliant initiative, bravo.
Has the plugin been updated to 4.9? I’m looking here:

and don’t see it…


You grab the 4.9 plugin on the UE4 Marketplace. We just haven’t updated the website yet.


i think is only for subscription accounts


Hey ,

Why I am only able to download that is tagged with free? I mean are all(textures) not available

are you looking at Substance Share or substance source?

free worth a look.

some free, the rest linked to subscriptions model not one off payment purchases of their software.