Introducing Me

Hello! I am currently a student at SNHU and was told to introduce myself to the Unreal Community. My name is Roemello McCoy and I am currently an active duty Software Developer for the Space Force. I am going to school to become a video game programmer and have made a couple of games in my old school and independently.

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Greetings @Remello2 !

We are so excited to warmly welcome you to the Unreal Engine community! :medal_sports:

There’s so much you can do here! Earn badges through participation! Explore the forums! Find out what’s new! Connect with fellow members! Post any questions! Take courses! Learn from community-based tutorials! Share any of your creative works! Check out our Community Guidelines to learn a little bit about our community culture.

Am I to understand that you are both a student of SNHU as well as active duty military for the US Space Force? I thank you for your dutiful service!

You have joined an awesome family of like-minded gamers, artists, and developers! We eagerly look forward to your future game development projects!

'- Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator :smiley:

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As @Get_DOVAH_it has so perfectly stated, welcome to the Unreal community, and also, thank you for your service! :grin:

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