Introducing Brutal Ball : The latest beta demo is available

Brutal Ball is a first person/third person shooter that is also a deadly sport. Each team has a two meter tall spiked ball that players can control and throw. In addition to having deadly spikes, this ball can damage players if it hits them as an electrical field also surrounds it. The ball will decrease in size depending on how many kills a team has. As the spiked ball shrinks, the more effective a weapon it becomes as well as easier to shoot goals with. Points are given for kills and goals to win matches.

The Lucid Dreaming Games team have been working hard improving our vision of the game. That vision has always been player based, giving combatants familiar destruction tools, something new, and all deadly. Brutal Ball not only gives you new ways to kill, but new ways to cooperate to achieve success.

We have finally launched our Brutal Ball KICKSTARTER Campaign. We are hoping to raise enough funds to develop a full 6 level release for next year. The Lucid Dreaming Games team believes in this project and by pledging you can show you do as well. Please help us make this exciting and fun game a reality. Thanks you for your continued support.

Check our latest beta demo release at the link below. Thanks****

Looks fun, good luck!