Into The War On Steam

Hello I am the owner of Small Town Studios and we are working on our game Into the War which is available on Steam. We have had a lot of issues over the last year including having our servers offline for almost 4 months. We are currently working on reviving the game. We built it originally on Unity and are now switching it over to Unreal Engine as it is a much better Platform. The old team has quit working on the project and lost interest. So now that I am switching to Unreal and I am new to Unreal I am looking for a team to work on the project with me. I currently have 3 People on the team A programmer, A Director of Design and Community Relations and myself Project Manager.

What is Into The War?
Into the War is a Parkour FPS. Our concept of the game is Taking many of the popular features of the many popular FPS out on the market. Many of the current FPS games limit players to what there able to do. We at Small Town Studios would like to let players be able to do what they love all in one game. Planned Features include: Vehicle Warfare (Tanks, Aircraft, Watercraft, and Jeeps along with other Vehicles.), Leveling Features for Weapons and Soldiers with unlockable content as you progress, Full Character Customization, Customizable Weapons and equipables, Community Created Addons and Levels, Single Player and Co-OP Campaign modes with decisions that affect the outcome of the game, and many more features to come.

Into the War has been Green lit and is available for purchase on Steam. We have a lot to overcome due to some negative reviews from the servers being down and releasing the game too early. We are currently making sales but not many. So the positions will be paid with profit share. As we continue update the game and rebuild trust in the community I know the game will return to being profitable.

What am I looking for? Well since we are new to Unreal I am looking for a full team to assist on Rebuilding the game and making a functioning game in Unreal Engine 4.

Positions Available:
Programmers (At least 2 more Programmers Wanted)
Artists (both 2d and 3d as well as concept Artists)
Level Designer (Someone familiar with Unreal Engine who can help build Amazing levels for the players)
Marketing (Someone to help us restore Faith and help Get the name out there.)
Web Designer (To build an amazing Website for our game and also maintain the Steam Store Page)
Writer (Someone to help write the GDD and help write the Story line)

Also if you have any skills that you feel could be helpful to us at Small Town Studios we would appreciate the help.

What we have to offer you:

Since Into the War is available for sale on Steam working at Small Town Studios will give you a shipped title on your resume. Also it will give you experience in Game Development and allow you to further develop skills creating games and working with a team dedicated to bringing fun and exciting games to players around the world.
Since we are for sale we are making some revenue and it will increase as development goes on. That being said we are able to offer Profit Share so you will be paid for your work. We will go over the percentage once you are onboard.

If you are interested on joining the team and working on fun and exciting projects contact me by the following methods:
Skype: edgesimracing

Nathan Reed
Into The War Project Manager

I could definitely fill the position of the writer, either reply to this or email me at