Interstitial ad is causing crashes

Hi, I am running beta trial with my game. It was okay until I added interstitial ad. It crashed a lot. I tried it on my device downloading from the play store. After realizing I uploaded another version without the interstitial ad. Now its totally fine. Does any one have idea what could be wrong.

  1. Is it my blueprint?
  2. Is it Admob?
    I am not good enough to check the log. In fact I don’t know how to get log reports from mobile.

Please if anything comes to your mind could be helpful for me. Just share.


check your logs when your phone is plugged in by USB cable by runing the following program:

\NVPACK\android-sdk-windows ools\ddms.bat

you will need to apply a filter on the logs so that you only see your app :wink: