Interrupt and switch animation ?


I have a problem with the animations.

I’m using the default Unreal SK_Mannequing with the ThirdPersonAnim blueprint.

Basically, when i press a button, i can control another character, so I use the Possess.
When I possess my other pawn, My previous Pawn will continue play the last animation he was playing.

For exemple, If i press the control button when I’m running, the pawn I leave will continue play the run animation but without moving.

I would like to stay in idle when I leave it.

I tried to set the animation and play animation on the character blueprint, but if I do that, when I recontrol my main pawn, he won’t change animation and he will stay idle even if I move.

How can I pause the animation blueprint in order to make my character stay idle, and restart it when I control it back? Or at least, how can i prevent him from running without moving?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Was this a Montage or you just set the animation…If it’s a montage it should stop playing as you call the next montage or move…if you set a looping animation and don’t call it by Montage it will take over and loop until you end it…
Likely pictures are going to explain this problem a little better than what is above here so update this with pictures of your call functions and animblueprint if my suggestion doesn’t solve the problem…